Biodiversity in Hobsons Bay

Amidst a highly urbanised and industrial area, the Hobsons Bay municipality harbours areas of significant biodiversity with unique ecological values. These range from internationally significant wetlands, critically endangered grasslands to interconnecting waterways and significant conservation reserves. Locally significant flora and fauna species exists within these ecosystems that contribute to the rich biodiversity of Hobsons Bay.

Council currently manages over 360 hectares of conservation area across 28 sites with considerable biodiversity values that encompass nationally and internationally significant ecosystems and species.

What is Biodiversity and Why is Biodiversity Important?

Biodiversity encompasses all components of the living world. ‘Bio’ meaning life and ‘Diversity’ meaning variability, refers to the variety of all living organisms. It includes the differing life forms from flora, fauna and micro-organisms to the complex and interconnected ecological processes. It incorporates the diversity of species and their genetic variation as well as the array of ecosystems and habitats within which they live. Biodiversity contributes to the stability and resilience of ecosystems providing the foundation to healthy functioning environments.

Biodiversity is important for the large range of ecosystem services it provides to the community. It provides the provision of food, water, and natural resources necessary to sustain life, regulates ecological processes and offers cultural values. Improved health and wellbeing of individuals and communities has been linked with rich biodiverse spaces, with research indicating time spent in biodiverse spaces resulting in positive short and long-term health benefits.

About the strategy

The Biodiversity Strategy is Council’s key strategic document to guide the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity in Hobsons Bay. Council will deliver the Biodiversity strategy from 2024-2034.

Implementing the Biodiversity Strategy will benefit the environment by mitigating threats, enhancing ecosystems and resilience while contributing to the long-term sustainability for current and future generations. The Biodiversity Strategy will further develop and engage community through a range of socially inclusive conservation activities and enable collaboration with Traditional Owners for cultural land management and connectedness.

The actions support Council’s vision to value and protect our unique biodiversity in Hobsons Bay.

Goals and action plan

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