29 November 2021

Current Status

The consultation period for this Amendment is now closed. Council has considered the submissions received and sought an independent Panel and Advisory Committee to consider the unresolved submissions.

The Panel held a Directions Hearing for the proposed amendment and permit applications PA1943532 and PA1943533 on 8 November on video conference.

To view a copy of the Panel Directions, distribution list, and hearing timetable click here.

The Panel Hearing will run for a total of 9 days, from Monday 13 December 2021 to Thursday 23 December 2021 via video conference. Please view the hearing timetable for start and end times as the session times for each day will vary.

Please use the link below to attend any of the panel hearing days:

Microsoft Teams meeting

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Video Conference ID: 138 616 643 5

For more information about how the planning panel / public hearing is conducted please visit the DELWP website.

Next steps

Amendment C114

All submissions received during the community consultation period in relation to Amendment C114 and the submitted Development Plans will be received by Council.

Council will then recommend changes to the amendment in response to submissions as appropriate. Any unresolved submissions may then be referred to a joint Planning Panel and Advisory Committee for consideration.

Any person who makes a submission will have the opportunity to make their views heard at the independent hearing.

Once the recommendations of the Panel are received Council must determine whether to adopt or abandon part or all of the amendment. The Minister has the final say as to whether the Amendment is approved.

Development Plans

To ensure the community could understand what the development would look like under the proposed planning controls two development plans were also provided for comment with Amendment C114.

Once Amendment C114 is adopted and approved by the Minister, Council can determine whether to approve the Development Plans. Once approved, planning permits can be issued for development without further notice if they are generally aligned with the Development Plans. There is no opportunity for a third party to object to a permit if it is in line with an approved Development Plan.

About the amendment

Hobsons Bay City Council is considering Amendment C114 which proposes to rezone land in South Kingsville from industrial to residential use to integrate with the surrounding residential area.

Amendment C114 relates to land known as ‘Precinct 16 West’ and includes land at 5-7 Sutton Street, 9 and 9A Sutton Street and 41-59 Stephenson Street, South Kingsville.

This land has previously been identified as industrial land with the potential for future residential development in the Hobsons Bay Industrial Land Management Strategy 2008. The eastern half of Precinct 16 has already been rezoned to support residential development. For more information other planning and construction activity happening in Spotswood and South Kingsville, click here.

In April 2020, Council resolved to seek authorisation from the Minister to exhibit the amendment subject to receipt of updated Development Plans. You can review the Council meeting minutes and report that outlines the strategic merits of the proposal via this link.

Amendment C114 proposes to introduce new planning controls to enable transition of the site from industrial to residential use. These controls include a Development Plan Overlay (DPO) and an Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO).

In addition, Amendment C114 includes two planning permits for subdivision to ensure title boundaries align with proposed zoning boundaries.

For further information on Amendment C114 see this page.

To ensure the community can understand what the development would look like under these proposed planning controls two development plans have also been provided for comment with Amendment C114. The approval of these development plans would follow a separate process to Amendment C114. Once approved, planning permits can be issued for development without further notice if they are generally aligned with the Development Plans.

For further information on the Development plans see this page.

Please also refer to our Amendment C114 fact sheet which is available on the website here.

As with any land use change and development in Hobsons Bay, the community are encouraged to have a say on the proposed changes to the site.

Please refer to the ‘make a submission’ page to find out more about how you can provide your feedback on the amendment and ensure your views are heard.