This consultation is closed. Visit Council's Amendment C114 - Precinct 16 West, South Kingsville webpage to find out about the project.

Latest news

On 9 February 2023, Amendment C114 was approved by the Minister for Planning and the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme has been updated accordingly. Further information about the amendment is available on Council’s website here.

About the amendment

Hobsons Bay City Council Amendment C114 rezoned land in South Kingsville from industrial to residential use to integrate with the surrounding residential area.

Amendment C114 relates to land known as ‘Precinct 16 West’ and includes land at 5-7 Sutton Street, 9 and 9A Sutton Street and 41-59 Stephenson Street, South Kingsville.

This land has previously been identified as industrial land with the potential for future residential development in the Hobsons Bay Industrial Land Management Strategy 2008. The eastern half of Precinct 16 has already been rezoned to support residential development. For more information other planning and construction activity happening in Spotswood and South Kingsville, click here.

In April 2020, Council resolved to seek authorisation from the Minister to exhibit the amendment subject to receipt of updated Development Plans. You can review the Council meeting minutes and report that outlines the strategic merits of the proposal via this link.

Amendment C114 introduced new planning controls to enable transition of the site from industrial to residential use. These controls include a Development Plan Overlay (DPO) and an Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO).

In addition, Amendment C114 includes two planning permits for subdivision to ensure title boundaries align with proposed zoning boundaries.