Please note that On 9 February 2023, Amendment C114 was approved by the Minister for Planning and the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme has been updated accordingly.

The Development Plans submitted may be amended or updated to align with the approved amendment documents.

Please refer to this link for the final approved amendment documents.

What is a Development Plan?

A Development Plan is a plan that is submitted in response to a Development Plan Overlay. This plan must align with the objectives and framework plan set out in the Development Plan Overlay Schedule and include any relevant information required under the schedule.

What information is required under the draft Development Plan Overlay?

The draft Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 2 (DPO2) details how development must meet certain objectives and requirements and includes a high-level framework plan that sets out the internal road network and future land use.

The Framework Plan splits the subject site into three precincts known as the Northern Sub Precinct, Central Sub Precinct and Southern Sub Precinct.

Click here to see proposed Development Plan Overlay – Schedule 2 (DPO2).

Click each of the dropdown boxes to understand what needs to be provided within any Development Plan.

Measures that would support a 10 percent affordable housing contribution in line with Council’s Affordable Housing Policy Statement 2016.

A central area of open space as shown in the framework plan. The internal road network and front building setbacks are to be designed to accommodate additional tree planting. A landscape plan that details any proposed open space or streetscape planting.

Concepts plans and or equivalent guidelines that describe aspects of the development including building heights, street setbacks, materials and orientation.

A report that outlines how the development will achieve best practice in environmentally sustainable design with reference to Council’s local ESD policy.

A report that assesses the acoustic and vibration impacts from the adjoining freight line and existing industrial development and any design treatments necessary to ensure a high level of amenity for future residents.

A traffic management report to show how the road network will cater for any increase in traffic or car parking generated by the development and how it will provide for safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists.

A site remediation strategy to show how the remediation of the site could occur. A Statement of Environmental Audit is also required before any sensitive use occurs.

A stormwater management strategy that addresses any issues with flooding or requirements to meet Clause 53.18 Stormwater Management in Urban Development.

A report that outlines how the development may impact adjacent pipeline infrastructure and a staging plan that shows access arrangements and temporary acoustic measures.

Why have two development plans been provided with the amendment?

Development plans have been submitted for land at 41-59 Stephenson Street (Northern Sub Precinct) and 9 and 9A Sutton Street (Central Sub Precinct) to show the community how planning controls will result in development outcomes.

No plan has been prepared yet for the Southern Sub Precinct which includes an existing industrial use that will remain operating in the short-medium term.

Click on each of the tabs below to find out more about the Development Plans.

Northern Sub Precinct

The Northern Sub Precinct will comprise of an estimated 200 dwellings including a mixture of townhouses and apartments.

The proposed townhouses will be designed to address the street with parking provided at the rear. Dwellings will be setback a minimum of 3m from the internal streets and 4m from Sutton and Stephenson Streets to allow for planting of canopy trees.

The apartment building will provide between one to three-bedroom apartments and is proposed to be six storeys to attenuate noise from the freight line to the north.

The development will include high quality materials and finishes, with a mix of materials and architectural features.

You can review the full development plan for the Northern Sub Precinct via this link.

Central Sub Precinct

The Central Sub Precinct will comprise of an estimated 130 dwellings including 90 townhouses primarily built to two and three storeys in height.

The proposed townhouses will be designed to address the street with parking provided both to the rear and front of the dwellings.

The Central Sub Precinct also includes part of the apartment building which is proposed to yield 40 apartments that will range between one and two bedrooms.

The same setback and tree planting requirements outlined in the Northern Development Plan apply to the Central Development Plan.

The Central Sub Precinct will include an area of public open space to service the proposed development.

You can review the full development plan for the Central Sub Precinct via this link.

How are the Development Plans approved?

Once Amendment C114 is adopted and approved by the Minister then Council can determine whether to approve the Development Plans.

Once approved, planning permits can be issued for development without further notice if they are generally aligned with the Development Plans.

So, there is no opportunity for a third party to object to a permit if it is in line with an approved Development Plan.