3 November 2021

Help make Brooklyn and Altona North better places to live into the future

Following its recent success in Laverton, Spotswood and South Kingsville, the Better Places Program is now being launched in Brooklyn and Altona North.

In this first stage of the Better Places program, we are asking people to share their thoughts on Brooklyn and Altona North, based around the three key themes of LOVE, CHANGE and IDEAS.

Tell us what you love most about the area, what you think are the most important changes that need to happen, or what ideas you have to enhance the look and feel of the area. Please include anything and everything that you think could help make Brooklyn and Altona North better places to live into the future.

Feedback closes Wednesday 8 December 2021.

There will be further opportunities to have your say on the proposed vision and key projects and initiatives for Brooklyn and Altona North following this first stage.



Hobsons Bay City Council developed the Better Places program to provide a more holistic and integrated approach to thinking about and designing for change into the future.

Better Places is focused on taking a more place-based approach - considering overall ‘places’ and how they look, feel and work together rather than just individual ‘pieces’.

The program provides a new model for the way that Council designs and delivers projects.

Better Places also aims to more actively involve the community in the process of shaping the place they live in, helping to create a vision that not only reflects their values and priorities, but also provides practical ideas and clear steps towards turning the vision into a reality in the future.

The Better Places program involves everyone that lives in, and loves a place - including residents, businesses, property owners and visitors - to think about and design for change in the future.