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‘The Link’ is a feature project from the Better Places guide for Brooklyn and Altona North. Community consultation in 2022 revealed an opportunity to improve connections between Brooklyn and Altona North, and address safety issues around Millers Road.

The Link will provide a safe and convenient linkage between the two areas, that will be attractive to pedestrians, existing recreational cyclists and commuters, as well as those who currently don't feel comfortable cycling in the area.

We could love to hear your feedback! View the draft plan below, and then have your say via our survey.


The draft plan includes the following key elements:

  • Off-road paths for walking, and a mix of off-road paths and on-road shared lanes for cycling

  • Traffic calming measures along on-road cycling routes to improve road safety

  • No significant changes to vehicle access or carparking

Want more details?

🟣 View the concept images - Click on the images to zoom in

🔵 Check out the map - Click the dots on the map below to learn about local infrastructure upgrades proposed for each street

🟢 Download the draft plans - View the proposal in more detail

Share your feedback

Your contribution will be used to inform the development of the final plan, which will be shared with the community in early 2025.
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