6 December 2020

Brooklyn Community Hall Redevelopment

Final concept plans developed

Building on what we heard from the consultation on the draft concept plan, Council established a community Stakeholder Reference Group (consisting of representatives from the Brooklyn Neighbourhood Group, Brooklyn Residents Action Group, Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Association, Slow food Melbourne and three independent community representatives) to develop the final concept plan based on the community’s vision for the hall. This concept plan for the Brooklyn Community Hall has been completed and is now available for public information.

Developed on the key themes and guiding principles determined by the Community Stakeholder Reference Group the final concept plan provides a multi-use facility that will provide a wide range of uses for the Brooklyn and wider Community.

Alongside the final concept plan, we have also prepared an upgraded landscape design to ensure that the upgraded facility integrates with the reserve.

Works are anticipated to commence in April 2022. Council will now proceed into the detailed design phase of this project, while continuing to work closely with the Brooklyn Community Hall Stakeholder Reference Group.

If you have any comments or queries, please contact the Brooklyn Community Hall Project Team.

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