Southern Open Space area final concept plans

The design team has taken into account all the feedback received from the public at both the drop-in event in May 2022 and the participate page.

The key emerging themes were concern about the need for a buffer between the new car park and the residential properties on Henry Drive, minimise loss of existing trees and increase tree cover in reserve, provision of a dedicated dog off lead area, and recognition of the indigenous users of the land. There were also some comments around retaining all four tennis courts.

The open space now includes a tree planted buffer along Henry Drive and a new dog off lead area in the south eastern area. The removal of any existing trees will limited to those essential to the overall improvement of the space and the proposals include more than 180 new trees. The play space will include a nature play area which is inspired by the environs of the Skeleton Creek and will also feature interpretive signage to help users understand the indigenous history of the land.

Two tennis courts will be removed, with the two remaining resurfaced. A multi use court with basketball and netball hoops will be provided to help cater for a broader spectrum of the community.

Please click here to view the final concept plan.

Artistic impressions