The new multipurpose facility

The concept plan for the new multipurpose facility on Dennis Reserve has been developed in partnership with the existing users of the building and three independent community representatives. These users include Conversations for the Curious, Country Womens Association – Williamstown Branch, Williamstown Senior Citizens Club, Williamstown Central Tennis Club and the University of the Third Age.

The concept plans have been developed to ensure the current and future expansion of these user groups can be accommodated along with the wide variety of activities that they undertake. It is designed to be a multiuse space where with appropriate programming, groups can use the most appropriate room for their activity within the building and is not designed to provide an exclusive use space for individual groups.

Working closely with the architects, the working group has determined the concept plan now presented.

While the floor plan of the new facility has been determined by the current users of the facility, the external façade is open for general community feedback. It is important for this building to sit appropriately in the reserve and act as a gateway marker to central Williamstown.

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Concept design

Architects design statement:

The design considers and seeks to embody an access for all approach - supporting all users regardless of age, background or ability. The empathetic architecture and interior allow the building to give a helping hand when required in a discrete and respectful way. It will offer moments of respite and support it’s users by seamlessly integrating handrails and nooks into the design.

The facility offers three multipurpose spaces that can flexibly adapt to a number of varying events and activities, as well as a lounging space, and a gallery to home existing artwork and memorabilia, to encourage use as a regular exhibition space. The building houses a large commercial grade kitchen, which becomes the heart of the site. The kitchen adjoins a gallery/corridor, multipurpose space and the outdoor alfresco area, which gives flexibility for cooking, display events and additionally for use as a servery or kiosk.

The building pays homage to the present Senior Citizens Building, and the history of Australian design with the inclusion of mid-century and Victorian design elements, breeze blocks and recycled materials from the existing site.

The design will incorporate a number of sustainable design features to enable the building to be self-sustaining, as well as benefiting the users long term. The current concept aims to achieve a high performing closed-loop system and to reduce life cycle costs and impacts, only high quality materials and equipment will be selected.

Ultimately, the site is designed to encourage a sense of community, conversation and curiosity.

  • Agroforestry timber roof trim (finished with Show Sugi Ban)
  • Solar roof panels
  • Double glazed windows
  • Galvanised steel / Alloy Zinc perforated sheet
  • Galvanised steel / Alloy Zinc door and window frames (reducing powder coating costs)
  • GB Honed Masonry Brick - Porcelain
  • Recycled red brick (fins)
  • Concrete with recycled brick aggregate concrete
  • Recycled timber (hall floor)
  • Australian Native plants


Keeping in the theme of the rest of the reserve and paying homage to the significant trees and the HR Maclean Memorial and existing path network the landscaping plan in the northern section seeks to provide:

  • More green open space for passive recreation
  • A celebration of the heritage character and origins of the reserve
  • Improved path network
  • Pocket spaces for sitting and relaxing
  • Integration of the new facility into the existing landscape.

Changes to the landscaping in stage 3 (section north of the tennis courts to Ferguson Street include:

  • Existing seats to be set amongst a garden bed backdrop to the front of the park.
  • Formal setting for the Maclean Memorial with bluestone and red brick paving
  • Outdoor paved seating area extending out from the new building.

Concept landscaping plans and rationale

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