Endorsed Economic Development Strategy 2023-28

Hobsons Bay City Council adopted a new Economic Development Strategy 2023-28 (EDS) at the December 12 Council Meeting 2023. Read and download the EDS below.

Stage 2 Consultation

  • Stage 2 What we heard

    Click here to view a snapshot of what we heard during consultation for the draft Economic Development Strategy between 11 October - 12 November

We want your feedback to help shape the draft Economic Development Strategy 2023-28!

Council has prepared a new Economic Development Strategy (EDS) and we are now seeking community feedback.

The draft strategy will guide Council’s work to support the growth of the local economy over the coming years.

The strategy is an overarching document that has been informed by extensive research and analysis of the existing economic context including global macro trends, national trends and local opportunities and challenges, alongside consultations with businesses over the past 12 months on the current challenges and opportunities for businesses across Hobsons Bay.

The EDS is built around three key pillars:

  • “Grow” To build strong and resilient precincts by supporting local networks and local community enterprise
  • “Elevate – To enhance and promote our valued natural, built and cultural assets across the city, to leverage the strategic advantages they present to the Hobsons Bay economy
  • “Transform” – To support green businesses and the broader economy to transition to a new green future, that includes circular economy and zero carbon industries

Consultation will close Sunday 12 November.

Ways To Provide Feedback

Complete the Survey

Provide your feedback by completing the EDS survey below.

Register for a drop-in session

Council will be hosting two online drop in sessions that is open to residents and businesses. Register to attend via the links below:

  • Tuesday 17 October 2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM AEDT [online] Register Here
  • Thursday 2 November 2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM AEDT [online] Register Here

Register to speak to a Council Officer about the draft Economic Development Strategy 2023-28

If you would like to speak for 30 minutes online or in person with a Council officer about the strategy you can do so via this link

Survey now closed

Thank you to everyone who contributed on this consultation.

Stage 1: Preliminary Consultation

What we heard!

Find out more about the feedback we received.

This consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Economic Development Strategy vision board

Looking forward 5-10 years, what is your vision for Hobsons Bay's local economy?

23 January, 2023

Fran says:

Positive view of the future. Altona is developing and growing. New investment in high quality, shops and restaurants. Competing with east.

18 January, 2023

Dean says:

To continue its growth in the environmental, renewable, recycling and digital sectors. Laverton to have more development focus + investment

18 January, 2023

John says:

A self sufficient manufacturing base be established in Hobson’s Bay. For example a shipbuilding industry skills and training base. Cars too

11 January, 2023

giffard street says:

That current shops are economically viable. No growth in shops unless away from the water eg. at Kororoit Creek. Parking is well managed

22 December, 2022

Ming says:

More mixed use zones to promote a sense of walkable community and true local life. Increase the overall density and utilization of our lands

22 December, 2022

Joan Taylor says:

Providing services for the rate payers & residents (not just catering to business & retail & hospitality & visitors. We live here

14 December, 2022

becc says:

Upgrade the Pier st ‘pop up park’ outdoor restaurant area. Replace turf, add sculptures and string lighting, similar to Yarraville.

14 December, 2022

Craig Rowley says:

A ‘knowledge-based’ local economy, strengthening the regional economy through smart manufacturing, advanced logistics, and business services

14 December, 2022

Charger says:

Electric vehicle infrastructure near shopping strips to attract visitors to our local businesses and promote sustainable services.

13 December, 2022

Cheree says:

An inclusive and resilient economy that provides access to local services and job opportunities.

12 December, 2022

RyanY says:

Complete Precinct 15 project.

12 December, 2022

Frankly says:

To be a community committed to the environment, the arts and well being. Provide sustainable service's [ through action.

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