14 July 2021

Council is developing an Open Space Development and Conservation Plan for G.J Hosken Reserve

Building on the draft master plan, and incorporating the previous research and recommendations, this plan is designed to consolidate the infrastructure that is on site and guide the future development of the reserve.

Let us know your comments and feedback on the updated Open Space Development and Conservation Plan

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the G.J Hosken Reserve Open Space Development and Conservation Plan. You can view the feedback we received from the consultation session here. The information gathered from the community engagement process held over April and May 2021 has informed the updated Open Space Development and Conservation Plan. This plan is now available for you comment on.

    There was broad support for the proposed changes and the project team appreciated members of the local community taking the time to complete the online survey and meet us onsite at the drop in session. No idea presented was too big or too outrageous and many of these ideas have been considered and included in the revised plans.

    Given G.J Hosken Reserve is already a dog off lead area, a lot of people were supportive of the inclusion of fencing to provide a safe space for dog owners to run their dogs off lead and minimise conflicts along the shared trail.

    Some big inclusions into the updated designs, as a result of the community's feedback include:

    • the addition of a multicourt
    • separate fitness stations
    • additional play equipment
    • more seating within the reserve

    Please have a look at the updated Open Space Development and Conservation Plan for GJ Hosken Reserve and if you would like to make any comments click here.

    Please submit your comments or feedback by Monday 5 August 2021.

    Mapped area of Open Space and Conservation Development Area for G.J Hosken Reserve

    About G.J Hosken Reserve

    The G.J Hosken Reserve is named after a former Councillor of the City of Altona first elected in 1977. He served one term as Mayor in 1983/84.

    Hosken Reserve is located on Blackshaws Road and runs alongside the Kororoit Creek.

    G.J Hosken Reserve is classified as a neighbourhood park within the Hobson Bay Open Space Strategy and future development of this reserve should reflect its position in the park hierarchy.

    G.J Hosken Reserve sits adjacent to the Kororoit Creek Shared Trail and serves as the first connection point into this significant regional trail. As such there is increased infrastructure within this reserve than you would normally see in a neighbourhood park. Including carparking, public toilet facilities and a picnic area with BBQ facilities including a shelter and picnic tables.

    Access to, and the provision of high-quality open space is limited in this part of the municipality. The local community sits within an industrial precinct, freeways and arterial roads, and does not have access to safe, easy pedestrian friendly access to high quality open space. Some of the parks and reserves nearby need rejuvenation and will be under increasing pressure as large redevelopment as large redevelopment sites like precinct 15 come online. There are also some in the community who have been waiting to see the recommendations from the old draft master plan come to fruition.

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