This consultation has now closed. A report on what we heard is available here.

Give your feedback on the concept plan

We are looking for feedback and input on the latest design concept plan.

  • The design has been informed by initial discussions and conversations with local traders, residents and visitors at the Woods Street Block Party, with the Better Places Laverton focus group and Hobsons Bay Youth Ambassadors group and a door to door surveys for local traders. We asked what issues there were, what would traders like and would like to see and what they would change.

Interactive map

Woods and Lohse St Public Realm plan interactive map

Downloadable plan

Design Approach

  • The Woods & Lohse Street Public Realm plan proposes changes that will allow for more programming of outdoor events with more open green space in the reserve. It will also have new street furniture, improved public paved areas and new play spaces and recreational activities. Raised pedestrian crossings in key locations will be added to improve access and connect the shopping areas with the park.

  • The purpose of the Hobsons Bay Urban Forest Strategy is to increase tree canopy cover throughout the municipality and to provide shaded footpaths where required. With this in mind, there is a proposed loss of four car park spaces to provide more shade trees and raised crossings in Woods & Lohse Street (44 spaces reduced to 40 spaces). There is also a proposed loss of 3 spaces in the Thomas Street carpark (26 spaces reduced to 23 spaces) to allow for a communal enclosed bin area.

  • A car parking audit was done at various times throughout the week and the current carparking usage was 50% capacity or less.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

We will then proceed with the preparation of detailed design and construction documentation for delivery as part of future council budgets.

Previous consultation

Previous engagement was completed in May/June 2022, where the community were asked to provide their thoughts on the issues and opportunities in the Woods and Lohse area.

The public realm at Woods and Lohse street including the park and playground will be revitalised as a part of Better Places Laverton.

Council undertook community engagement with traders, local residents and visitors which will be used to inform the design. This project will create a platform to accommodate future opportunities and revitalisation of the shops and the surrounding neighbourhood. It will transform into a distinctive space to connect people.

Initial design aims and ideas for the upgrade includes;

  • Prioritising environmental sustainability through design, by encouraging walking, cycling and drawing the local natural environment into the centre.
  • Strengthen the connection between the streetscape and the park.
  • Create a gathering space with more reasons for people to visit, play, enjoy and relax.
  • More shade trees, more lawn and colourful native grassland garden beds
  • Bring the playground area closer to the shops to encourage visitors to both
  • Unique play equipment and distinctive signage to highlight this as the centre and arrival point from Laverton Station.
  • More outdoor activities for young people to compliment Woods Street Art Space and Mesh Mash Screenprint studio.

The next step will be to prepare a design concept and the community will be invited to comment and have further input.

The interactive map below was used to gather feedback as to what the community loves or would like to change about Woods and Lohse Street.

Woods and Lohse Street Survey

Please fill in the following short survey to help us better understand community needs in the Woods and Lohse Street area.