Update: 3 April 2020

Consultation for this project has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has participated. Council staff will collate the contributions and report back to the community as soon as possible.

Council is trialling a new place-based approach to thinking about, designing and delivering projects. It will take us away from the traditional model of delivering projects as ‘pieces’ to a more holistic approach where the whole ‘place’ is considered, driven by a community vision for each suburb.

Better Places will give the community greater ownership of their neighbourhoods by encouraging them to be more actively involved in the direction their suburb is heading. It will also streamline Council’s processes resulting in projects that are delivered quicker and are in line with community expectations from the outset.

Laverton will be the first suburb to experience the Better Places model. We will be working to create a shared vision with and for Laverton that captures the imagination, diversity and shared identity of the people who live in the community, to guide our future investment and to build the sense of ownership and opportunities to be actively involved.

Creating great places is a collaborative process with everyone that lives in and loves Laverton – the community, traders, residents and students. To create a great place we need to think about the place as a whole, understand and enhance the things that make it special and know the elements needed to make the place better for the whole community into the future.

It might be infrastructure, buildings and facilities, or it could be services programs and events. Anything you’d like to see to enhance the Laverton community, we want to know so we are aware of your priorities for the area.

Council will be out and about in Laverton over the next two months to get a better understanding of what our community loves about Laverton, what makes it unique, what needs to change and what projects or ideas will help make Laverton a ‘better place’.

We will use this information to guide our future decisions and investment about what we deliver in Laverton.

While no idea is off limits, there are a few key areas that Council has the most control over and can therefore action directly. These areas include:

  • Public places and spaces (parks, streets, landscaping, recreation)
  • Transport and connectivity
  • Shops and services
  • Community facilities and services
  • Housing and job opportunities
  • Look and feel of Laverton

There are a number of ways to be involved

  • Complete the short survey below (open until 3 April)
  • Talk to us at a number of location across Laverton over the next six weeks (see 'Key Dates' on the right for details)
  • Place your submission at the Laverton Community Hub at 95 Railway Avenue between 23 February and 3 April


What do you love most about Laverton and what do you think makes it special?

What do you think needs to change to make Laverton a better place?

Do you have any big ideas or projects that you think would make Laverton a better place in the future?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


In conjunction with the community feedback process, Council is also presenting the Laverton “Love – Change – Ideas” exhibition.

The exhibition is a celebration of the people that make Laverton special – the interesting, talented and diverse – and the import role communities can play in shaping the places they live in. They are the local stories of Laverton and we hope they will help start the conversation on the type of Laverton you’d like to see moving forward.

The pop-up exhibition is on display at each of the consultations sessions while also at the Laverton Community Hub as a permanent installation from Monday 23 February to Friday 3 April.



– WOOD ST ART CENTRE (6pm - 8 pm)

-AVIATION RD (9am - 11am)

– LAVERTON HUB (during open hours March 23rd to April 3rd)