Update: 3 June 2020

Consultation for this project has now closed - thank you to everyone who has participated. Contributions will be collated and used to inform a draft of the Place Guide which will be presented to the community for consideration in the coming weeks.

Update: 11 May 2020

Better Places is a new approach to thinking about, designing and delivering projects.

It will take us away from the traditional model of delivering projects as ‘pieces’ to a more holistic approach where the whole ‘place’ is considered, driven by a community vision for each suburb.

Creating great places is a collaborative process with everyone that lives in, and loves Laverton – the community, traders, residents and students. To create a great place we need to think about the place as a whole, understand and enhance the things that make it special and know the elements needed to make the place better for the whole community into the future.

A new process designed to deliver results

Better Places will give the community greater ownership of their neighborhoods by encouraging them to be more actively involved in the direction their suburb is heading. With the help of the community we will develop a 'Place Guide' to streamline Council’s processes to ensure that projects are in line with community expectations from the outset and delivered more quickly.

Love - Change - Ideas

Laverton will be the first suburb to experience the Better Places model. We will be working to create a shared vision with and for Laverton that captures the imagination, diversity and shared identity of the people. To do this, and as starting point we want to hear about things that we love, need to change while also capturing the big ideas.