Nominate a Lagunaria tree to be replaced

The Lagunaria patersonia (aka Itchy Bomb Tree or Norfolk Island Hibiscus) is now regarded as unsuitable as a street tree in many parts of Australia, including Hobsons Bay, due to management issues. A major issue in the management of the tree is the releasing of hairs from the seed capsules during pruning works. These hairs can cause respiratory and skin irritations.

A key component of the Canopy Delivery Plan is the phased removal of Lagunaria patersonia trees and replacement with an appropriate tree for the location.

Lagunaria patersonia trees will be removed (and not planted) based on the following priorities:

  1. Complete street renewals prioritised due to feedback/concerns from residents. Replacements will be prioritised depending on the level of issues presented at each location.
  2. Streets where Norfolk Island Hibiscus comprise ≥45% of all trees. Scheduled street tree removal and replacement programs where Norfolk Island Hibiscus compromise the majority of the street’s species, potentially in combination with Council’s Green Streets program (a number of streets have been nominated for renewal programs within the Planting Delivery Plan).
  3. From underneath electric lines particularly High Voltage lines and especially where annual clearances are required. This has been broken up into two sub-categories dependent on numbers of Norfolk Island Hibiscus under electric lines:
    1. 3A. Streets where Lagunarias < 45% of all trees but ≥50% are under powerlines
    2. 3B. Streets where Lagunarias < 45% of all trees but <50% are under powerlines
  4. Isolated specimens or where low numbers of Norfolk occur within streets. To be removed on a reactive basis.
  5. Specimens adjacent to saltmarsh and coastal complex habitats (mainly in Altona) where they pose an environmental threat.

Combinations of factors could raise the priority for a removal and replacement program.

Complete the form below by Wednesday 24 November 2021 to nominate a Lagunaria tree to be replaced.