Show us where to plant a tree and get a free one for your home!

As part of the Urban Forest Strategy Hobsons Bay City Council is developing a Canopy Delivery Plan to outline how Council will meet the ambitious target of reaching 30% canopy cover by 2040.

The aim of the Canopy Delivery Plan is to effectively deliver the objectives of the UFS by prioritising locations and areas for tree planting program for focussing on streets, gateways, parks, along waterways and foreshore areas and areas vulnerable to heat. The plan will also aim to encourage planting in private open space. It will deliver positive health, social, economic and environmental outcomes for the Hobsons Bay community.

In order to meet our tree canopy targets we need the communities help to explore new locations for tree planting.

We invite you to look at the map below and drop a pin on a location you think could do with a tree!

The first 500 people to do so will get a free, ‘back-yard friendly tree to plant in your own back yard.

What planting has already been undertaken?

As part of the draft Canopy Delivery Plan an on ground assessment has found we have 4,946 vacant street tree sites that are ready to be planted. All of these sites will be planted over the coming 2-3 years.

Check out the map below to see our existing urban forest and where we intend to plant. The majority of these sites include Council managed land and residential street with nature strips. In addition to those identified on the map we are also:

  • Planting additional advanced and ‘tube-stock’ trees in parks, reserves and conservation sites throughout the municipality
  • Engaging with other land managers such as Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria to work with them to plant trees on their land.

Where else can we plant?

We need to start planting more trees in traditionally ‘harder to plant’ locations (i.e. footpath, road, asphalt, carparks) as well as in open space and on all available nature strips.

Place a pin on the map below by Wednesday 24 November 2021.