Latest Project Update

At the Council Meeting on 14 March 2023, Council resolved to adopt Amendment C133 and submit this amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval. At this meeting the Planning Panel’s recommendations were considered as were changes to the amendment post-exhibition and panel (click here for Panel report). Click here to access the Council minutes and related information.

Amendment C133 has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval. Further information about the amendment is available on Council’s website here. If the Minister approves the amendment the changes will come into effect once a notice is published in the Victorian Government Gazette.

What is the Amendment?

Amendment C133 is proposed to make changes to local policy, zones, and overlays within the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme to implement the recommendations of the Newport Structure Plan and Inner Newport Heritage Gap Study.

The merits of the amendment were discussed at a Council Meeting on 8 March 2022. You can read the full report via this link.

To find out more about the amendment, click here. Note changes have been made to the amendment post exhibition and the planning panel.